Hail traveller!

Very few know the full story of Gargrim the Liar, few alive that is. It's told that he is as old as the world itself, that he's always wandered the plains, the fields and the forests. He's seen things you wouldn't believe, not even in your wildest dreams. He can tell you stories long forgotten, about lands and people that doesn't exist anymore. So if you happen to stumble upon an old man sitting by a fireplace at the tavern telling stories, it might as well be him. Sit down and listen to his tales, you never know if he ever will cross your path again...

Nothing new under the sun

14 September, 2022

Still waiting for the divine inspiration to hit me and to proceed with that sophomore album!

Now on Patreon!

10 May, 2019

I'm not dead just yet! I've created a page on Patreon to try to push myself to get my act together and work on that second album! It will come, I promise you that!
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Stories of Long Forgotten on Bandcamp!

11 June, 2015

Finally I've gotten my act together and you are now able to purchase the album at Bandcamp as of this minute!
Gargrim the Liar on Bandcamp

"Silvano's Waltz" my most played song

30 November, 2014

Apparently my song Silvano's Waltz is my most popular song from my album "Stories of Long Forgotten" on Soundcloud. It's pretty interesting and weird at the same time. It is my first and only try of something different and especially in 3/4 instead of the usual 4/4. I wonder why this song is so "popular", alright no very many plays, but it almost as popular as all the other tracks combined, Any ideas people?